Likok Paper Trading Pte Ltd is one of the largest waste papers collector and exporter specialists in Singapore. We supply various grades of waste papers (OCC, ONP, SWL and more) as raw materials to leading paper-mills in the Asia Pacific region.

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We provide a full range of paper recycling services from collecting, sorting and shredding to baling and packing locally. Our other business activities include collecting and sales of other scrap materials such as plastics (LDPE, HDPE and more) and hardware. We take great pride in providing quality products and services to our customers while protecting the environment.

Our Mission, Vision, Commitment

To us, recycling is not just a business. It is a way of life. We recycle because Mother Nature needs a helping hand in the fight against environmental damage. Help us fight environmental damage by recycling your waste paper with Likok.

Our Vision

To be the leading player in the waste paper trading industry.

Our Mission

To create superior value for stakeholders through establishing a wide network of suppliers and customers in the waste paper recovery industry.

Our Commitment

Likok believes in recycling to preserve natural resources for environmental sustainability.

We have work very hard over the years to crave out a name for ourselves in the industry and we are very proud to have become the preferred supplier for many leading paper-mills in the Asia Pacific Region and one of the largest waste paper exporters in Singapore.